YES! Most of us do not afford luxury of radio or TV advertisements. For our business, going digital always help by having dedicated marketing system for your business and sometimes it can be more than just marketing it can provide you with 360degree solutions.

You will get quote for requirement within 24hrs of putting enquiry with us. Yes sometimes we can deliver proof of concept if requirement demands so. For most custom requirements we cannot provide any quotes before agreement and advance payment. But we can always show you our portfolio and clarity of concept. So you can be sure of the fact that we will get the job done !

Get in touch with us with your requirement. We will sort out requirement and produce proposal or concept report base on same. All you need to do is message us.

We believe that we are customer centric with respect to processing requirement. We involve you in all stages of conceptualisation, designing and development.
We make sure to follow all the necessary documentation for better understanding of our project solution.

Based on your goal for going digital we devise perfect plan for you. We will communicate all the possible solutions and then direct and indirect effects on your business. We do consider your budget and market niche for devising strategy. Then it's upto you to select solution. Once you give us a green signal we will generate detailed plan and execution strategy.

We make sure to consider all the possibilities while devising solution. But in some cases if change is inevitable we implement those based on scope of change either free of cost or with nominal charges. The entire cost effectiveness comes from our flexible development style.

Yes' we do ask for advance, which enables us to buy unique third party resources for project. Also it is required for contractual bond for both the parties. Advance amount may vary between 20% to 50% based on scope of project.

Yes ! If our solution doesn't fit with your requirement and even after iterations we can't get it done we will return your money. We do not ask for more than what's required we only take whats required to get the job done!

It definitely cannot happen as the advance is taken against the contract and timeline. So unless there is delay from clients end against requirement and other resources requested during kickoff meeting.

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