“Ability to find the answers is more important than ability to know the answers.”

So now you have a blooming business and you have made sure you have a fantastic website that backs up all what your company is about. The question arises – how to put my website on the top? At ZingClick,we specialise in every aspect of SEO and SMM; the two tools that help in indexing your website to the top of the list. Result: It drives more traffic to your website. The benefit of this is that your product will get maximum advertisements.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
SEO- most effective tool to trigger search engines in your favour i.e. putting your website in the top of the search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) results. As a business person, your objective is to maximize your crowd everywhere even on the internet. Online marketing is answer to your doubts about advertising in virtual world. We have experts providing SEO services as solutions to SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). Our collaboration with you won’t end over one SEO service. Our team is going to assist you time to time internet marketing as long as you don’t reach your target audience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Rewind to the times when social media was brand new and uncharted arena for brands. The birth of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (to name a few) led to high flocking of customers – all in an overnight! In such a case it was mandatory for the customers to follow suit. Socially awkward brands miss out on a huge chunk of their audience. Hence, it is undeniable that social media can make you extremely popular. Now, almost 97% of business people use social media to connect with clients. The aim is to harness maximum audience and make it a fruitful and pleasant experience for them. At ZingClick, our exclusive SMM services include all social media platforms through which your brand can be benefited. Here, it is all about optimizing content and creating solid Social Media Networking structure that enables you to come face to face with your potential customers.

What in SEO & SMM

Facebook Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Youtube Marketing
Instagram Marketing
Google Plus Marketing
Website Visitor Marketing
Google Analitys & Reporting
Local & Geo-Targeting
Business Email
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Back Linking


On Page & Off Page Optimization
Competitor Analysis
Real Time Visitor Tracking
Attract Social Media Customer & Go Viral
Listed Your Brand On Google Map
Your Website On Google First Page
Reach New Customer
Target Your Local Customer


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